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Importing Fresh Cut Flowers into the UK

Classification -As per the Customs Tariff

Before you can find out any information, such as Duty Rate, VAT Rate, Licences, Documentation, Restrictions etc, on any product, you must first obtain the commodity classification (10-digit) code.Fresh cut flowers falls under Chapter 06 of the Customs Tariff, and is divided as follows:


Code Product
0603 11 00 00 Roses
0603 12 00 00 Carnations
0603 13 00 00 Orchids
0603 14 00 00 Chrysanthemums
0603 19 10 00 Gladioli
0603 19 90 10 Of the genus Protea
0603 19 90 20 Of the genus Bansia, Leucadendron, Brunia and Forsythia
0603 19 90 90 Other
0603 19 00 00 Other


One of these codes above should relate to your product. To find out more about any of these codes please

click here to visit our dedicated webpage to commodity classification codes (make a note of your commodity code, from above.



“FERA is responsible, on behalf of DEFRAm for implementing the plant health regulations in England and Wales”

Frea, together with the devolved administrations and the Forestry Commision (FC) forms the UK Plant Health Service and works with other EC Member States and the European Commission to agree appropriate plant health rules for Europe and co-ordinate their implementation. A range of services are available to help growers, traders and the general public meet their obligations under these plant health rules.

To import fresh cut flowers or any other plants into the UK, you have to gain clearance from DEFRA and UK Customs. This is done by registering for the DEFRA’s ‘PEACH’ computer system.

To find out more information, go online at:

The Phytosanitary Certificate

Along with your regular shipping documents, such as the: Airwaybill, Commercial Invoice, Packing List and Certificate of Origin, you will require a Phytosanitary Certificate to be able to clear your goods through UK Customs.

Please be sure to discuss this with your supplier, as it is their responsibility to raise one before your goods can be shipped.

Extra Charges

As with any other Perishable goods requiring urgent clearance, especially goods which also require an examination by DEFRA, you can expect to pay additional charges for the extra work needed to be done by Customs to clear your goods.

The charge levied by DEFRA for the examination does depend on the Port of Arrival and the size (Quantity of flowers) of your shipment. However, you should discuss what charges you can expect to pay for clearing Perishable goods, sometimes called ‘Express’ or ‘Priority’ Clearance, as your preferred Customs broker should have set rates in place.

For more information on importing fresh cut flowers and other plant like material, please feel free to contact a member of our Imports Team, on 0845 309 6360, or email us at:

Pre-Alert / Pre-Notification of arrival

To ensure that there are as few delays as possible, when your goods actually reach the UK, it is essential that you and/or your supplier, pre-advise the clearance agent, as to what is coming in and when, preferably with copies of the documents i.e. Airwaybill, copy of the invoice.

If you would like us to customs clear your goods for you, then we would also ask that you ensure your shipper shows us on the Airwaybill in the ‘Handling Information box.’ This will ensure that we are contacted by the airlines handling agent, as soon as the goods land at the airport. These details are to be added:

Notify Party
UK Import Services Ltd PO Box 832
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Importing into the UK?
Contact us to see if we can help you.

Why not see if we can help with paying the excise duty to UK Customs

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