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Importing a motor vehicle into the UK

Motor vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and we can usually help with most of them.

As far as the actual shipping is concerned, there are several otions available. These are:

01. Full Container Load (FCL)

This is where your car will be in a Container on its own.

02. Shared Container Load (LCL)

This is a similar service to the above, but as it indicated in the name, your vehicle will be in Container with other vehicles/goods

03. Air Cargo

This is the quickest method of shipping any vehicle, but is also usually the most expensive

04. By Road

By road this means the vehicle is either towed or on the back of truck/transporter

05. Under its own steam

And No, steam does not mean your vehicle being an old steam engine. If it is a road-vehicle, then this would usually either be via the Eurotunnel or via ferry. If it is a boat, then sailed into a Port/Harbour or Marina and if it is an aircraft, then flown into one of the UK's airfields/aerodromes

For a more detailed explaination of the actual UK Customs rules and procedures, click here as this is on a different page, on our 'original-look' website or why not contact our Imports Team by emailing: or by calling (T) +44 (0)845 309 6360. Thanks. ™ ukimports

Remember : Shipping and Customs clearance doesn't have to be expensive, but choosing the wrong agent could be! ™ ukimports

For more information on importing cars, motorcycles, boats, pick-ups or any other motor vehicle, please feel free to contact a member of our Imports Team, on 0845 309 6360, or email us at:

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